Graphic Design

Lantos Technologies

Lantos Technologies is a medical technology start-up company that offers a
3-D ear scanning solution to replace silicone impressions.    



The scanner uses a conical shaped balloon that has internal markings that serve as landmarks for the optics.


Lantos tested the waters of a consumer brand under the name of UVERO, selling headphones and custom tips that fit on other common brands such as Bose, Apple, Beats, and Jaybird. The Uvero brand was established well before I joined the company, however its branding and language was very different from that of Lantos, and as a side project from engineering, I redesigned the company logo, and the UI of software.


To match the new branding, the UI of the software was redesigned. When I started this project, I had no knowledge of software development. I worked very closely with the software engineers, who taught me some basic understanding of how graphic elements were added to a User Interface.  The whole experience of the scanner ties heavily into the software. Customers get to see the insides of their ear canal imaged and a 3D model built in real time as they are scanned. 


Social Media

I assisted the marketing department of Lantos Technologies by providing content for them to post through various social media accounts.  This included seasonal sales offers, event promotion, and product advertisement.